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The Club

On 9 th March 1926, a meeting was held in the Mayr of Málaga's office for the purpose of constituting a Golf Society with a view to boosting tourism and general interest in the municipality.

The Rules of this Society, called "Málaga Golf Club" , were approved by the Gobierno Civil (civil government body) on 24 th April that year, and thus the Society was incorporated with the following founding Board of Directors:

President: D. José Galvez Ginachero
Vicepresident: D. Luis Fernández de Villavicencio y Crooke
Secretary: D. Joaquin García Toledo y Clemens
Treasure: D. Enrique Van Dulken Nagel
Board Members: D. Francisco Crooke Campos
D. Enrique Mac Bride
Marqués de Valdecañas
D. Cecilio Harris
D. Cristián Heierle


On 30th March 1927, José Gálvez 's resignation was accepted and when Luis Fernández de Villavicencio was chosen as new President, the Marquis of Valdecañas stepped into the Vice-presidency.


Málaga Golf Club was the entity that purchased the first plots of land for the golf course, an extension of 44 hectares, 67.33 areas that came from the Velarde y Chochales estates, part of the Hacienda Nueva Colonia property situated in the valley of the former municipality of Churriana, since annexed to the municipality of Málaga.

Construction on Málaga Golf Club's course and installations began and mortgages were taken out with the National Tourist Board in order to pay the costs.

Following the Civil War and the dissolution of the Málaga Golf Club Society, for a period of several years the installations were run by the course's Official Tourism Representatives who organised both the sports activities and the social activities, as well as the works for course maintenance and improvements.


On 7 th December 1956, the first set of Regulations for Club de Campo de Málaga were drawn up. They were signed by the Marquis of Nájera, Ángel Fernandez de Liencres y de la Viesca, and approved by the Spanish Golf Federation's Office for East Andalucía and by the Gobierno Civil in Málaga.


As we are not looking to give a complete history of Málaga C.C., we are only going to give a few details to give a general picture.

Board of directors


D. Félix J. Sanz Duro


D. Jose Antonio García López


Dª. Felisa Molinero Torres


D. Antonio Nieto Centeno

Competition Committee President:

D. Miguel Pérez Muela


D. Francisco Cervilla Rodríguez

D. Antonio Arjona Martín

D. Jean Pascal Thomas

D. Marcos García Miñana

Dª. Virginia Rodríguez Jiménez


Competition Committee


D. Miguel Pérez Muela


D. Jose Antonio García López
D. Francisco Cervilla Rodríguez


Amongst other, the pioneers during the first years were Fernando Casado, Manuel Valcarce, Carlos Álvarez, Alice Hutchinson, Carlos Dufour, Prosper Lamothe, Carlos Hurtado..

From the multitude of players linked to Málaga C.C., two are worth a special mention, one from the professional sector and the other from the "amateur". Salvador Balbuena Bruna and José Gancedo Góme z.

The need to provide for the family meant he spent many years -the best ones for a sportsman- giving classes and competing now and then, always within the country. Only when a group members, friends and admirers de set up a fund to finance his participation in the big competitions, was he able to launch into the adventure of the European Circuit. This occurred in 1976 when he was close to 27 years old.

His first appearance could not have been more spectacular with his brilliant win in the Portugal Open at Quinta do Lago. He competed in in the Spanish Open at La Manga, but was unluckily deprived of victory. He finished the season by taking the Moroccan International, the Hassan II Trophy, in which a voluminous group of European and American players took part.

However, the "European dream" of "Torti" (his nickname) lasted only three years. Precisely on the night before the French Open, in Lyon, Salvador Balbuena's heart stopped beating while he was having dinner with his team-mates of the "Spanish Invincible Armada" who, highly distress, were unable to believe that such a tragedy had occurred. The date was May 9 th , 1979.

Jose Gancedo, an "amateur", is another player that has brought sporting glory to Club de Campo de Málaga as his victory record includes some impressive wins, both at national and international level.

Pepe Gacedo was a self-taught golfer. Spanish Individual Champion on 6 occasions: 1966, 67, 68, 69, 75 and 76, he has been runner-up in the same competition on 7: 1959, 65, 70, 72, 73, 74 and 77.

Due to the prestige obtained by Pepe Gancedo at international level he was selected the top European amateur player to play the top British player in a match between national teams.

With regard to the Club's most outstanding lady players, in the first place one has to mention Begoña Céspedes, daughter of the teacher Ernesto, whom she helped with the teaching and had the lowest handicap. Other players who have also given the Club important success stories are Consuelo (Cheli) Gómez Valcarce, Countess of Lérida, Julie Parga, and Amelia Guerrero de Soler.



Fue el primer Maestro del Club, desde antes de la Guerra Civil hasta 1.958, Julio Casañas, procedente del Club de la Puerta de Hierro, de Madrid. Casañas impartió sus clases con gran dominio y eficacia, saliendo de ellas los primeros grandes jugadores del Club.

Le sucedió en 1.959 Ernesto Céspedes Cordero, de imborrable recuerdo entre los que fueron sus alumnos y para todos los que tuvieron la fortuna de conocerlo. Tito Céspedes fue un hombre de gran personalidad y elegancia natural, así como un gran pedagogo de la asignatura golfística, que enseñaba de la manera más fácil y sin complicarla más de lo preciso.

Muchos otros grandes profesionales han prestado sus servicios en el Club: Juan Sánchez Duran “El Rubio”, José Luis Mangas, Andrés Jiménez, Paco Navarro, Juan Jiménez, Sebastian Bruna…, son personajes importantes de esta pequeña historia porque ellos supieron inculcar la difícil asignatura golfistica en tantos y tantos alumnos con una paciencia infinita…



As we have already said, the seeds of golf in Andalucía were planted at the proposal of Málaga's "Sindicato de Inciativas" in 1925, this Syndicate being formed by Enrique Van Dulken Nagel, Luis Fernández de Villacencio y Crooke and Joaquín García de Toledo y Clemens, who later made up the first Board of Directors of the Sports Society "Málaga Golf Club".


With all of this the acknowledgement of the Club's first founders, is put on record, Club that had José Gálvez Ginachero, an eminent figure of Málaga society, as its first President.


Ángel Nájera was the life and soul of the Club during many years. Promoter and founder of the same in its second phase, when it then became Club de Campo de Málaga, he was a splendid President, as well as an outstanding player and, above all, a constant instigator of convivial social and sport relationships within the Club.

The scope of Málaga C.C.

From the prestige obtained by Málaga C.C. during its many years of existence its influence has spread towards other courses and clubs in it geographical area, it has become a kind of "incubator" for excellent professionals who have given or are still giving the benefit of their knowledge and experience in the birth and development of these clubs.

At Federation level, Málaga C.C. has also been present, and in this regard it is sufficient just to mention Ángel de la Riva Gómez, who has held the post of President of the Andalusian Golf Association for twenty years.